High Speed Magnetic Coupling

Magnetic couplers are the most advanced couplers available today. Because it can well achieve soft start, overload protection, and other advantages.

According to the rotation speed of the coupler, it can be divided into high-speed magnetic coupler and a low-speed magnetic coupler.

high speed magnetic coupling

What is high speed magnetic coupling?

There is currently no definition for high-speed magnetic couplers. But in fact, in production, we generally refer to the magnetic coupler with a speed of more than 750 rpm as a high-speed magnetic coupler.

What is low speed magnetic coupling?

The opposite of the high-speed magnetic coupler is the low-speed magnetic coupler, which refers to a magnetic coupler that rotates below 750 rpm. But it’s a small market because low-speed couplers are mainly for increasing torque, and to achieve this function, there used to be motors and reducers, and now there are direct drive motors.

Where to buy high speed magnetic coupling

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