The compound magnetic coupling is an upgraded version of the standard magnetic coupling. It generally consists of a permanent magnet rotor and a conductor rotor. There is a fixed air gap between the permanent magnet rotor and the conductor rotor. When the main motor drives the conductor rotor to rotate, it cuts through the magnetic field lines relative to the permanent magnet installed on the driven end. During circular motion, eddy currents induced within the conductor rotor at its active end interact with the permanent magnet’s magnetic field at its driven end to generate torque between these ends.

Compound magnetic coupling is the same operating principle as the standard magnetic coupling and can be used to meet the transmission requirements of high-power equipment.


The soft start feature of a motor can be realized by using a permanent magnet compound magnetic coupling.
It is perfect for industries with prime movers with power greater than 800kW such as electric power, steel, mining, coal and chemical industries as well as for fans, pumps and other power equipment that are prone to stall.
This type of coupling transmits more torque with the same volume than other types of couplings.
The soft-start feature of this type of coupling can also be realized with an overload protection function, flexible connection, smooth transmission and effectively eliminating system vibration.
It has low centering requirements and easy installation and debugging.
The structure is simple so no motor foundation changes are required when transforming existing systems.
Maintenance-free, long service life;