working principle:

The magnetic coupling generally consists of a permanent magnet rotor and a conductor rotor. There is a fixed air gap between the permanent magnet rotor and the conductor rotor. When the main motor drives the conductor rotor to rotate, it cuts the magnetic field lines relative to the permanent magnet installed on the driven end. During the circular motion, the conductor rotor at the active end generates an eddy current induced magnetic field, which interacts with the permanent magnet magnetic field at the driven end, so as to realize the non-contact torque transmission between the active end and the driven end.


The soft start of the motor can be realized,
With overload protection function,
Flexible connection, effectively eliminates system vibration,
Low centering requirements, easy installation and debugging,
Simple structure, no need to change the foundation, easy to transform the original system,
Maintenance-free, long service life,
Suitable for electric power, iron and steel mining, coal, chemical industry, lifting, papermaking, textile, shipbuilding, cement and other industries with power less than 800kW prime mover.