We believe we are one of the best magnetic coupling suppliers. Since we have passed the three international system certifications of ISO quality, environment, and health. Our products have obtained China’s national explosion-proof certification and hold a safety production license; the company has declared 200 patents and participated in the formulation of 2 Chinese national standards, including 66 inventions. The company has also won the municipal intellectual property management standard enterprise recognition and provincial patent award; the self-invented patented products have entered the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s national industrial energy-saving technology, the national electronic energy-saving and environmental protection excellent recommended product technology, and have been recognized as “domestic leading” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s scientific and technological achievements evaluation. Our engineers have experience in manufacturing magnetic couplings. We will manufacture the highest quality magnetic coupling for your project, secure the most competitive prices in the market and install them with very small disruption to you. Our engineers can also help you design a system that will save money on energy costs while dramatically reducing the need for coupling maintenance and replacement. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help with the magnetic copuling.