Advantages of Magnetic Coupling

Advantages of Magnetic Coupling

Magnetic coupling is used to transfer power between 2 different magnetic fields, which have no physical connection. The advantage of magnetic coupling is its capability to transfer power without any direct touch.

No noise

Compare with a hydraulic coupler, the magnetic coupling has no noise. When the bearing is broken, the sound of the hydraulic coupling is very loud.

No Oil

From time to time, make-up fluid needs to be added to the fluid coupling. Oil needs to be changed every six months.

No heat conduction

Since the magnetic couplers are not physically in contact, there is no heat transfer between them.

Tolerate large misalignments

Conventional couplers have high requirements for shaft alignment. But the magnetic coupler allows 3-5mm of misalignment.

Suitable for use in wet or harsh environments

Since there is no contact, there is no wear. There is also no need to add oil like a hydraulic coupling.

vibration reduction

Since magnetic coupling is a non-mechanically connected speed control device, there is no mechanical hard connection between the pump and the motor; The torque is completely transmitted through the air gap, which has the advantage of isolating the transmission of vibration and reducing vibration. Vibration elimination capability up to 80%

management of misalignment between shafts

alignment is big problem when install the fuild coupling. There 5 type of shaft alignment methods, but no matter which method, that takes time.

No harmonic interference

Non-contact mechanical connection, no harmonic interference.

energy saving

According to relevant experiments, the energy saving effect of the magnetic coupler is very good, at least between 25% and 66%. However, in actual production, according to the production technology that cannot be used, the effect of energy saving is also different, and the good one can reach more than 50%. Therefore, the selection of its fabrication technology has become a major focus of the magnetic coupler

long service life

Under normal use, the service life can reach 30 years

*ability to limit a maximum torque

In addition to the standard magnetic couplers, there are also moment-limited couplers on the market. This is a very popular product. Because it can protect the motor and working machine well. Also reduces damage to gears. This also slows down the frequency of changing gears.

*adjust speed
Disadvantages of Magnetic Coupling

cost Since the most important component of the magnetic coupler is the rare earth magnet, whether you buy a neodymium iron boron magnetic coupler or a samarium cobalt magnet coupler. None of them are cheap. This also leads to the fact that the coupler cannot be promoted on a large scale. Most of the customers who buy magnetic couplers now are mines, cement plants, coal mining plants, power plants, Chemical, medicineand steel plants. Because these customers are unable to afford prolonged downtime. An hour of downtime means huge losses to them.

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