high torque magnetic coupling

High torque magnetic coupling is the perfect solution for applications where high torque is required. It is robust, compact, and easy to use.

The magnetic coupling can be used to connect a motor and a load directly or through a transmission system. It is also suitable for external drives that require high torque such as in the agricultural, construction, marine and mobile equipment industries.

What is the maximum torque?

The maximum torque that can be achieved in a magnetic drive pump is determined by the gap between the magnets: the smaller the gap, the larger the torque transfer.
The biggest torque we can make is 500000nm.

High torque magnetic coupling Supplier

OZENZ is a leading manufacturer of permanent magnetic couplings and systems. We develop high torque magnetic coupling between 1-6000 Nm, as well as customer-specific solutions from 0.1 to 50000 Nm.

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